Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Decorating Straw Bales For Your Wedding

We hosted a beautiful wedding at our farm this summer.  The bride did an outstanding job using and decorating the straw bales.  Straw bales are an affordable seating option for your guests.  Since we live on a farm we use straw bales on a regular basis.  We bought these for $2 per bale from a Craigslist ad.

The bride put white linens over the bales and arranged them as seating and a table.  She situated the bales in a such a way that they created a U shape and that space was used as a dance floor.

Each bale that was used for seating was covered in a white linen.  These linens were obtained for free by just calling local hotels and asking them if they had any white sheets that they were getting rid of.  You can't beat free!  I doubt anyone could tell they were hotel sheets because they looked great covering the bales. 

The bales that were used as tables had a scrap piece of the sheets run across it and had a decorated tray placed on top.  The trays were just trays that the bride and her friends had at home already.  They were filled with greenery, vases, candlesticks, candles and other decorative items.

Having not sat on these one would think they were not comfortable but surprisingly they were!  They were a great height and the sheets kept the straw from being scratchy or uncomfortable.

The arrangement of the bales was key.  She made each set of 5 bales to be an intimate setting for a group of people while at the same time putting the sets in the shape of a U so that they lined the dance floor.  There was no actual dance floor, just grass, but that didn't matter because the placement of the bales made it clear where the dance floor was.

I love how these straw bales turned out!  They look great and didn't break the bank!  

Please comment with any budget friendly outdoor seating ideas or tips you have!

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