Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Spray Paint Concrete Blocks

There are a TON of rocks in the yard at the campground that I have a seasonal spot.  We have a bar shed there and wanted a walkway from the deck to the bar shed.   

Of course I wanted it to be inexpensive but cute so I bought boring old concrete blocks for about $3 each.  I bought a large stencil from Hobby Lobby and used the Hobby Lobby app coupon for 40% off so it was about $10.  I bought a few can of spray paint from Walmart.  I placed the stencil on the concrete block and centered it then I spray painted it.

After the blocks dried I placed them on the rocks.  A cute easy path to the bar shed!



  1. Do you need to seal or waterproof after painting?

    1. For the stepping stones I sealed them with a clear gloss spray paint.


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