Saturday, September 23, 2017

Creating a Nursey for Less Than $500

Having a baby but don't have a nursery yet?

Here are some tips on creating a nursery for less than $500!

I am going to post links to the items I purchased for the nursery however I do not get paid for endorsing these items.  They are genuinely just items I love!

I love this crib!  And because I plan on having more children I will use this crib for more than one baby.  I bought this crib from Walmart for $119.99 with free shipping!  It can be found here.  Because the nursery is the smallest of our 5 bedrooms I wanted white furniture to help brighten up the small room. 

One thing to mention about this crib is that it does not have a side rail that goes up and down.  The crib I had for my two oldest children had the side rail that could go down but I never used it so this was not a feature I cared about having.

This changing table was such a great buy!  It cost $63.99 from Walmart with free shipping.  It can be found here.  It is smaller, sturdy and it includes a thin changing mat so you don't have to buy a changing pad separate.  The mat is thinner than a traditional changing pad and cannot fit the typical changing pad covers.  

The 3 pink baskets were purchased from Ross for $16.99 for all of them.  The two decorative boxes on the bottom shelf were boxes I already had that my daughter no longer used.  The basket next to the changing table was from the now converted guest room.  It was what we put snacks and drinks in and a card for when guests stayed over.

 I did not want to have to paint the entire room but I wanted to give it a bit of a pop so I painted stripes on one of the small walls.  You can see the tutorial for that here.  

The pink and gold circles were purchased from Hobby Lobby.  All wooden decorations were half off so I paid $5 for the string of wooden circles.  The picture above it was also from Hobby Lobby for half off so it cost $12.50.

The wooden letters were $1 each after being half off at Hobby Lobby.  So they were $10 and I used string I already had to string them together to make a banner.  The framed art was originally $34.99 at Hobby Lobby but was half off so ended up being $17.50.

Now to the item that I spent the most money on...

I spend $189.99 on the crib bedding set.  The bedding set can be found here.  I wanted a coordinating bedroom set in blush pink and gold.  Well it is hard to find that combination but I found one that I fell in love with.  It was the biggest ticket item in the room, costing more than the crib and changing table combined.  You can easily find sets for $100 or less so if you are not as picky as I am you can save even more money.

The bedding set came with coordinating valances which were perfect!  I already had blinds in the room so I just hung an old curtain rod to hang the valances. 

I hung the curtain rod pretty high over the top of the window so that the bottom of the valances goes just a little past the top of the blinds.  This makes the windows look bigger and allows more light into the room.

The bedding set came with a toy hanger, which I hung on the side of the crib.  

The rug came from my daughter's room.  She is almost a teenager and apparently the rug I bought her 8 years ago is no longer her style...who knew?  Although I am not the biggest fan of the rug it is free and until I find a really good deal on one that matches better it will have to do.

The green ottoman I have had for years as well.  It has found it's place throughout the rooms in our home over the course of many years and now it is in the nursery.  I like how it makes the green in the two framed quotes stand out and for the time being it makes the rug match the room a bit more.

The bedding set also came with a diaper holder, which I hung on the side of the changing table.

So let's look at a breakdown of the cost for the nursery:
  • crib bedding set - $190
  • crib - $120
  • changing table - $64
  • 2 framed quotes - $30
  • wooden circles - $5
  • wooden banner - $10
  • pink baskets - $17
Total: $436

Here is a before and after shot. 

I really tried to make my minimal budget stretch and I think it turned out great!

Can you believe how budget friendly this nursery is without sacrificing on style?

I love to hear from you!

Please comment with any budget friendly nursery ideas you have!