Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DIY Lint Holder

This DIY project couldn't get any easier.  I recently remodeled my laundry room (see that post here) but didn't have room to put in a small garage can, which I only put lint in so I decided to make a lint holder.  I was also on a tight budget I didn't have much money for extras.  I made this lint holder box for free with stuff I already had around the house.

I used an empty graham cracker box that I cut to the size I wanted it to be.  Then I covered the box in duct tape.  Lastly I took a 3M strip and cut it down the center and used each piece to hang two decorative clothes pins on the wall to hold the lint holder. 

The clothes pins allow me to take the box down and go dump it.  You could just mount it to the wall with a 3M strip but then you can't take it down as easy, unless you use the picture hanging strips that work like Velcro.

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