Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DIY Boot Tray

When I remodeled my laundry room (see that post here) I knew I wanted a boot tray of some kind to help keep the floors clean.  There is a door in the laundry room that leads outside and that door is most often used by the family to go to the backyard so the floor tends to get dirty (it doesn't help that my husband puts his boots in there that he wears while working with our cattle).  There is a shoe cabinet in there that we put all of our shoes in but my husbands boots do not fit in there and I did not want to have to clean the floors every time he had dirty boots.  The solution...a boot tray.

I bought this tray and these bags of rocks at Dollar General.  The tray was $3 and the rocks were $1 a pack.  I only bought 4 bags and once I got home I realized that wasn't enough.  Luckily I had a bag of extra rocks at home from a different project.

I laid out the rocks the way I wanted them then picked each one up and put hot glue on it so it would stick to the tray.

After the rocks were glued I put the tray in the laundry room. 

As you know, I love easy projects that add to my home.  This one was simple and now my husband has a place to put his dirty boots and I don't have to clean the floor in the laundry room everyday anymore. 

Another thing I love about this project is that even when my husband puts dirty boots on the tray the rocks pretty much hide the dirt.  So when he is wearing his boots and I go to laundry I don't have to see a muddy, dirty tray. 

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