Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Upcycle a 6 Bottle Cardboard Holder

Several months ago my little sister gave me her entire duct tape collection to hold and use as needed.  This wasn't just 10 rolls of duct tape; she had over 250 rolls of duct tape!  So since then I have been using duct tape to decorate everything that I can. 

My husband loves pick 6 craft beers and when he gets them I have always wanted to do somethin with the holder.  Well I finally have done something with the holder.

I started with two rolls of duct tape (one for the inside of the holder and one for the outside), scissors and a 6 pack bottle holder,

I simply used the duct tape and covered the inside first then the outside of the holder.  Using scissors I was able to cut the tape so that it was the size I needed.

My daughter put the holder on her desk and filled it with different supplies.

Another simple project that took little time and money to complete.

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