Wednesday, January 4, 2017

DIY Police Box Door

My daughter is a big Doctor Who fan. That's right, I have a Whovian in my house.

I wanted to surprise her so I turned her bedroom door into the tardis door. 

It was incredibly easy to do. First we took the door off and took the doorknob off. 

I spray painted the inside of the door blue. My husband bought two shades of blue for the door. I went with the lighter shade on the right. I think it was a good choice. 

I printed out the police box sign and the other two signs on the door. I laminated the two smaller signs. The police box sign I attached with Mod Podge to a piece of plywood my husband cut and I spray painted back. 

I hand painted the windows. I just painted white first then after that dried I painted the black outlines for the window. If I had used painters tape the lines would have been straighter but I didn't feel like putting that much time into it. 

I used 3M command hook stickers to put the police box sign and the two smaller signs on. I reattached the door knob and hung the door back up. 

So easy and my daughter loves it!

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