Monday, January 9, 2017

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornaments

I was looking for an inexpensive gift for my children to give to their teachers for Christmas.  In total I needed 6 gifts.  I used to make the kids' teachers movie night baskets (click here to see those), but now that my daughter is changing classes throughout the day and has more than one teacher that gets expensive.  These ornaments were the perfect gift. 

I bought the ornaments at Michaels during Black Friday and they were $3 for 6 of them.  The hot chocolate mix packs are from Walmart. Not sure the exact price because I bought way more than needed so my kids could have the leftovers. Side's actually cheaper per ounce to buy the box of individual packs than the container of just hot chocolate. The red sprinkles were $1 per pack at Walmart in the baking aisle. And the marshmallows were a few dollars and they are not next to the other marshmallows in the store...they are near the hot chocokate mix. Go figure. 

It was so easy to assemble these. I took the metal top off the ornament and used a funnel to put in two packs of hot chocolate mix in each. Then I poured the marshmallows into the funnel, but do this slowly otherwise they just clog up the funnel. I topped that with the red sprinkles. Then I put the top back on. 

I bought little boxes at the Dollar Tree, which were 2 for $1. I used some tissue paper to put in the boxes with the ornament. I printed a little tag that said who it was to and from and...DONE. Super cheap and easy. My kind of project. 

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