Monday, February 1, 2016

DIY Painted Wine Glasses

This is an easy project that has the cutest results.
First I bought wine glasses at Goodwill for a dollar.  I know you could buy them at the Dollar Tree or even buy nicer ones if you want but I was at Goodwill so that's where I bought them.
I cleaned the outside of the glass with rubbing alcohol to make sure it was really clean.
I printed out the design I wanted to paint on them and taped it to the inside of the glass.
I used ENAMEL paint!  This is very important.  DON'T just use acrylic paint.
I used regular paint brushes and these foam dotters.
Then I just traced the design one color at a time.  In between colors I let the glass sit for about an hour or so to dry.  If I messed up I used rubbing alcohol and a q-tip or toothpick to fix the mistake.  After the paint was dry I put them in a cool oven and turned it to 350 degrees.  After 30 minutes I turned the oven off and when it was cool I took the glasses out.
Ta Da!!!!  Easy and cute.  I especially like to feel the texture of the painted dots on the glass while I drink wine.

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