Monday, February 1, 2016

DIY Headboard

This headboard is easy to make and costs about $30.

 First we started with quarter inch plywood.  We had some extra sheets in the garage leftover from another project but they are only about $10 at a home improvement store.  We wanted a simple design but you can design the headboard any way you want.  We cut the plywood to the size and shape we wanted it.
After cutting it we staples quilt batting to the wood making sure there were not any bunched up pieces.  The quilt batting was $29.99 regular price at Hobby Lobby but we used the Hobby Lobby app coupon for 40% off.

At this point we are about $10 in on the plywood and $15 in on the quilt batting so we chose a cheaper fabric that was on sale to cover the headboard with.  The colors were perfect and we kind of just got lucky with this find.  I would recommend using the fabric that is on the big rolls hanging up at fabric store instead of the cheaper lighter fabric. 

We placed the fabric over the headboard and ironed out all the wrinkles and creases.  This is important because you want the fabric to be smooth.

Next we laid out the fabric upside down on the ground and put the quilt batting side of the headboard on top of the fabric and stapled the fabric to the board.  After it was stapled we cut the excess fabric and batting off the back.

We used a few finishing nails to attach the headboard to the wall behind our bed.


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