Thursday, February 25, 2016

DIY American Girl Doll Horse Stable

With the giant doll house I built (click here to see that), I thought it only made sense to include a stable for Muffin, Sox or whatever the horse's name is. Just a few supplies and this job is done. Let's make a list of things needed.
Let's begin with tools:
-Tape measure
-Saw (circular is available)
Now let's talk building materials:
-1 1x2" piece of wood
- A 8"x24" thin gate (Piece that looks like the stall wall picture)
-Hand full of trim nails
I started by assembling the stall wall and gate. The piece we used was one whole piece that I cut down to size. We purchased it at Hobby Lobby. I cut it down to about 18" for the side wall and 6" for the gate. There was just one partial flat piece that was left. I just that into four small pieces nailed onto the bottoms of each end on the wall and gate. This gave the pieces ability to stand on their own.
Next came the saddle rack. We needed four rungs to hold four saddles. I cut these seven inches in length. This left me with a long piece to mount the rungs to and put the saddles on. I took one nail per rung and drove them through the back piece and into the rung. The saddles are very light, so not much is needed to keep them up. I then used two nails to mount the rack to the wall.
There were a couple accessories that needed hung as well. Things such as bridles and halters. I just drove a few nails into the wall. Trim nails leave little mark in the drywall. If that is not an option use 3M hooks and sticky pads to mount everything.

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