Thursday, February 25, 2016

Decorating an American Girl Dollhouse


My significant other built our daughter a large dollhouse for her American Girl Dolls.  (Click here to see the tutorial on how to build it).  She had tons of accessories for the dollhouse already however she didn't have enough stuff to fill up the dollhouse.  I did not want to spend much more money decorating the house and I didn't.  I'll explain how I decorated each room for cheap.

Above is the living room.  The couch is from Walmart and was like $13.  The pink chair is from Goodwill as well as the blue wicker chair, the rocking chair and the TV stand.  They were $2 each and I just spray painted them.  These pictures were from Christmas time so the Christmas tree was something we already had in our Christmas decoration box.  The lamp by the couch is a tea candle holder that I already had and I just spray painted that to.  The TV is a small canvas that I painted and used Mod Podge to adhere a printed picture of the show "Chopped", which is my daughter's favorite show.

This is the kitchen.  The refrigerator and the kitchen setup next to it were something my daughter already had but if I remember correctly we bought it from Target for around $50.  The high chair in the corner is from the American Girl Doll Store.  It is for the Bitty Babies that are seen in the living room.  The table is just a wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby that I glued on top of a piece of PVC with a scrap piece of wood to stabilize it.  The chairs are wooden candle holders I bought from Goodwill that I painted and turned upside down.  I used some foam, scrap fabric and a hot glue gun to make cushions for the top of them.  Below are what the table chairs (originally candle holders) looked like before I revamped them


The bathroom was fairly simple.  First I used a tension rod as a shower curtain rod, two handkerchiefs from Hobby Lobby as a shower curtain, and Ikea clips to hang the shower curtain.

The bathtub is just a small plastic shoe box that is from Dollar Tree that I spray painted.

I used aluminum foil to make the bathtub faucet and knobs.  The knobs are just water bottle caps covered with the foil and the faucet is just foil I shaped the best I could.  I used hot glue to attach them to the tub.
The sink is a magnetic paperclip holder ad the vanity it just two wooden trays stacked together that I bought for a couple dollars each at Micahel's.

The toilet is a drink holder that I bought on Amazon for around $10.

I used some hooks to hang the robes on the wall.  As you cans see I also used touch lights on the ceiling in most of the rooms.  I already had these.  I had bought them for under the cabinets in my kitchen but they didn't produce enough light so I put them in the dollhouse.


I call this the school room.  It has a desk, chest, and locker in it, all which I bought from Goodwill.  The chalkboard is from Michael's and cost $4.

The office has a desk in it that I bought from Walmart for about $30.  The cabinet was from Goodwill and was already painted so I left it as is.  I used hooks and knobs, which I already had, to hang bags and purses in the office. 

My daughter already had the bed and bed spread.  I believe it's from Walmart.  The basket is from Goodwill.  I spray painted it and used foam and fabric to make it a dog bed.
I used a small canvas and a printed picture to make the wall hanging of my daughter with her American Girl Doll, similar to how I made the TV.

The second bedroom has a bed that my daughter already had.  It is a fold up bed that she puts in the travel bag with her doll whens he takes it places.  The wicker items are from Goodwill and I just spray painted them.  The chandelier is a tea light holder that we already had.  Some hooks on the wall are for hanging the hats.
The picture above shows the recreation room at the bottom.  I didn't get a really good picture of it.  Basically its a Goodwill chair that I spray painted and made a cushion for, similar to the kitchen table chairs.  This room is where we put a painting set and guitar that are both from the American Girl Doll Store.

I used two rows of tension rods to hang the clothes.  There is also a wicker trunk that I bought at Goodwill to hold socks, underwear and other things that can't be hung up.  I bought a mirror from Goodwill that we hung on one side of the wall.
On the other side of the wall is a shoe holder that my significant other made.  He used 1x3s to make it.
This room is just where I put random stuff.  The dog bath, the salon chair and the wheelchair.  I also hung hooks for sports equipment and random things.

The horse stable was something my significant other made.  It isn't in the dollhouse.  It is right next to it.  Click here to see a tutorial of how it was made.
So that's the dollhouse.  As you can see we put stuff on top of the dollhouse.  Like the theater set, the lemonade stand, and the cookie stand.

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