Friday, September 21, 2012

Decorated Pumpkins

I decided not to carve pumpkins this year but still wanted pretty pumpkins that would last a bit longer on my patio.  These are the three I decorated.
I got the two black velvet stickers from Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each

The pumpkin above was first painted black.  Then I used a paint brush to put elmers glue around the stem and covered the glue with glitter.  I also used elmers glue to draw a spiders web and covered that in glitter as well.  After it dried I added ribbon.

The pumpkin above was painted white first.  Then I used 3D paint to make dots near the stem.  After that I put on a black velvet sticker that says "Happy Halloween" and ribbon.

The pumpkin above was decorated to look like a piece of candy corn.  I just pained the top 1/3 white and the bottom 1/3 yellow.  Then I added a black velvet sticker and ribbon.


  1. Can you pin this on Pinterest ? I love it!


  3. Really clever and easy to do. Excellent ideas ��������