Friday, August 17, 2012

Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

I love saving money.  A year ago I started making my own fabric softener and recently I have made my own liquid laundry soap for my HE washer.  I love this stuff. 

To make it you will need the following:
  • Borax
  • Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (NOT Baking Soda)
  • Fels-Naptha Soap Bar
  • Oxy Clean
  • 5-gallon bucket with lid
  • Some kind of jug to keep the finished laundry liquid soap in

Grate the entire bar of the Fels-Naptha soap.

Put in a pot with 4 cups of hot water. Stir continuously over medium-low heat until all of the soap flakes have dissolved and melted (about 20 minutes).

It should be slightly foamy with no “chunks” or flakes to be found

Fill a 5-gallon bucket half-full of hot water.  Pour in the soap mixture. 

Add 1 cup of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and 1/2 cup Borax. Then add 1 1/2 cup of Oxy Clean.  Stir. 

Fill the rest of the 5-gallon bucket with water until it is full. Stir again.

Cover and let it sit overnight.

When you open the top up the next day, it should have gelled and thickened slightly. Stir again.

Fill the container HALF way with the soap mixture. Fill the other half with water and shake.

You will have a LOT of soap mixture left over.  Just keep the lid on the 5 gallon bucket and whenever your jug runs out fill it up again half way with the soap mixture and add water to the other half.  I keep the 5 gallon bucket of leftover soap mixture in the garage.

If you do not want a lot of leftover soap mixture try using only half the recipe or even a quarter of the recipe.


  1. How do you like the dispenser container for this soap? Is it working out okay? I know some recipes say to reuse a detergent container, but I like the looks of this better. Just want to make sure the spout works for the detergent okay before I buy one.

    1. I do not like the container shown. I actually quit using it about a month after I made the laundry soap. I use old laundry soap containers and old milk jugs. The container wasn't shakable and I prefer to shake the detergent a few times before I use it. I also started putting essential oils in the detergent to give it a scent.

      Also this recipe makes a LOT of detergent. I would recommend cutting the recipe in half...maybe even 1/4. I haven't even used all the detergent that was in the original container and have the 5 gallon bucket that has not been mixed with the half water solution yet.

  2. How much do you use for each load? And just to clarify, you use this for your HE washer, right?

    1. I use it in my HE washer. I also just use an eighth of a cup.

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  4. How much would you use for a regular washing machine?