Thursday, August 23, 2012

Half Bathroom Remodel for Under $1000

My half bathroom at my house was in desperate need of being remodeled but I did not want to spend a lot on it.  I set the budget at $1000.  I saved a ton of money by doing a lot of things myself.  I ripped out the wooden paneling and tiled floors myself.  I installed the new tile floors myself as well as did the painting and decorating.  I painted the frame around the mirror that had been in there for years.  And when I say I did those things myself I actually mean I did them, not a relative or friend.  Ladies can be handy too.

Ugly wood paneling

Plumbing for sink was not covered

The toilet was so low to the ground that when a man stood over the toilet to do his business the water splashed out of the toilet and stained the wall.  Super GROSS

Water stains around the sink

Baseboard was dirty and stained and the toilet paper holder was under sink near the plumbing
I did all this myself

Beadboard wall, taller elongated toilet, new sink and pedastal

Wallpaper border above beadboard

New light fixture with shelf and accessories

I decided to keep the built in Kleenex holder.  It is convenient and looks good with the new decor.  You don't see those very often either.

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