Friday, July 27, 2012

Poker Themed Dessert Bar

Several times a year the seasonal campers (including us) have a poker run where about 50 people pay $5 each and travel to 7 different RVs that host them and get to take a card and whoever has the best hand after getting 7 cards wins the money.  Each host prepares food for everyone.  This time I was in charge of the desserts.

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods

Poker Themed Dessert Bar

Chocolate dipped Oreos on a stick

Chocolate dipped rice krispies on a stick

Three layered cupcakes with poker hand toppers

Red velvet cake pops

Twizzlers in a favor bag topped with a playing card
Made pretzel squares with hersheys kisses and M&Ms on them.  Also had Boston baked beans candy and red candy mints
Chocolate dipped jumbo marshmallows with M&Ms

Fridge full of vodka jello shots (I used a whole gallon of vodka to make these!)

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