Thursday, December 14, 2017

Why I Will Never Paint Without Glade Paint Additive Again

I am SO excited to share this product with you!  It really is amazing!!

Just an FYI...I am not getting paid to sponsor this product and it was not sent to me for free to sample.  I just so happened to see it while I was getting a gallon of paint mixed and thought to myself, "heck it's less than $5, I'll give it a try".  Boy am I glad I did!

We recently gutted and remodeled the kids' bathroom upstairs (see that post here).  While I was at Menards getting paint I saw a little rack with lots of these Glade Paint Additives on it.  Since it takes about 10 minutes to mix paint my husband and I stood there smelling each one.  Our favorite was the Crisp Waters.  I didn't really think I as going to buy one but since it smelled so good I figured I would give it a chance.  I am 8 months pregnant and knew I would be the one painting the bathroom so why not splurge a little and see if this product actually works.

And work it did!  I spent several hours in the bathroom painting then putting on a second coat and then doing touch up paint and not once did I notice the paint smell.  All I could smell was the Glade scent.  Even the next day my husband walked in and said that it still smelled like the Glade additive.  

It is so easy to use.  All you do is pour it into a gallon of paint and mix it well.  It completely masked the paint smell and just smelled so fresh!

So this is the paint I bought and you can see the Glade Paint Additive isn't very big.

I just poured the additive right on top of the paint then I mixed it for about a minute with a paint stirrer.  It was really that easy!

I cannot express to you enough how amazing this paint smelled.  Usually painting makes me light headed and being pregnant I was sure it would be worse but I am so glad that I gave this product a chance!  I will never paint again without using Glade Paint Additive!

I love to hear from you!  Please comment below about your thoughts on this product or any other similar products!

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