Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pink Horse Trailer

It's ok to be jealous of my pink horse trailer...I'm kind of jealous of it myself.  It is so pretty!!!  My other half found this trailer for $1000.  It was ugly and needed some work but I saw the potential.  When we bought it we knew we were going to paint it but I had to convince my significant other to paint it pink.

The trailer was rusty and dirty but overall it did not have holes in it or was the floor in need of repair.  It just needed a little love.

First Cody painted it with primer with an air paint sprayer.  The primer was bought at Rural King and was about $30 a gallon.

Above is the color of our golf cart.  I asked, more like begged, Cody to paint the trailer pink.  He agreed and we decided to have it match the golf cart.

We painted the trailer then added some vinyl an pinstripes.  It is so LOVELY!!!

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