Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Make these easy and inexpensive mason jar solar lights. 

You need these three supplies. Glass beads (I bought mine from the Dollar Tree), wide mouth pint mason jars, and solar lights. 

I bought the mason jars in a pack of 12 from Walmart because I wanted to make 12 of them for each windowsill in the back of my house. 

The solar lights were $2.50 each at Walmart. 

I bought blue glass beads and clear glass beads and then mixed them in a bowl. I bought 16 packs for $1 a piece. Each jar uses about a pack and a half. 

I took the solar light top off the base and filled the mason jar with the glass marbles. 

I put the solar light on top of the jar and it fit snug in the jar. 

I put one in front of each window. When the blinds are open during the day it recharges the light and at night they light up and the light shines off the colored glass marbles. 

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