Saturday, June 20, 2015

Road Trip Snack Box

We are leaving for our coast to coast road trip tomorrow and I have been prepping like crazy. I made this snack box for the drive. The box was a little under $8 at Walmart. There was a craft organizer that was $3 but it was a little smaller and the dividers couldn't be moved like the ones in this one can. I think for kids the other would have been fine but considering the snacks are for two adults I figured this one would work better for us.

I also put some veggie straws and veggie chips in the snack box. (Those are not pictured above). 

Done!  I'm sure we will devour these snacks the first day but we can just refill it with different snacks next time. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Add Countertop Space in an RV

I'm just so excited about this project. This summer I am going to be spending a lot of time in my RV so I have been doing lots of little things in it to organize it or modify it. This particular project was simple and makes a big difference. 

Originally I was going to mount a big heavy duty cutting board to flip up but when I went to Walmart to buy one it was around $20. It was heavy and I could have cut things right on it. But as I was walking through the store I saw a wooden folding tray table for about $9. It was a similar size as the cutting board but it wasn't as heavy. I chose to buy the table although I can't cut anything right on it but then I also don't have to see scratches on the flip up counter space from using it as a cutting board. 

I used a screwdriver and removed the legs of the table. 

Here's three pictures of the end of the countertop that I was mounting the flip up table to. I just didn't have enough counter space but I also didn't want to take up more room in the RV with a stand or table. 

I purchased two folding shelf brackets at Menards for about $5 each. 

The instructions are simple and detailed on the back but in case the ones you buy don't have great instructions you can look at the below picture. 

I mounted the brackets to the side of the cabinet low enough that the table top can sit on top but not too low because I wanted it to be just under the lip of the existing countertop. When mounting you MUST ensure the brackets are level and the same distance from the top. This is important otherwise the table top won't fold down flush with the side of the cabinet. I learned this the hard way. 

Flip open the brackets and screw the table top on from the bottom. 

I get a little more countertop space when I need it but I can fold it down when I need more walking space or while we are traveling. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Chore Chart with Expo Markers

I framed printed chore charts in regular picture frames. My kids each cross off each chore as they complete them. My daughter has two, one for the morning and one for the evening. My son has one. I hung a 3M hooks near it and attached two Expo markers to string to hang them so that the markers are readily available when they need them. When the week is over they just erase the chart and do it again. 

Hang Measuring Cups on Cabinet Door

As a renter I try to come up with inexpensive and removable storage and organization solutions. This one is both. I used 3m hooks to hang my measuring cups and spoons to the inside of a kitchen cabinet and used my label maker to identify them. 

RV Storage Using A Hanging Shoe Organizer

This is how I used to store my shoes in my RV. It was a hanging shoe organizer that was on the back of my sliding bedroom door. It was inconvenient because it would get caught on the bed. 

This is what the bed frame looked like with the bed raised. Pardon my unorganized mess in the storage compartment. 

I started at the bottom of the shoe organizer and cut off the rows. 

I used a staple gun to attach them to the bed frame. 

I filled them with my shoes. 

With the mattress down and the bed made you can't even see the shoes. I had to lift the comforter up when taking the pic below otherwise the shoes are hidden. 

I had two rows left of the shoe organizer so I hung it back up. I plan to put hair accessories like my blow dryer, curling iron and hair straightener in it. It is high enough on the door that the two rows leftover don't get caught on the bed.