Saturday, May 16, 2015

Suitcase Upcycled to TV Case

While at an antique shop my significant other saw this old suitcase. We bought it for $25 and he said he wanted to put a TV in it. I thought he was crazy. This was completely his project and it turned out pretty awesome. 

He cut the liner to mount the TV. 

He measured the holes on the back of the TV and made a template. 

Then he drilled small holes and attached the TV to the inside of the suitcase. 

He added an extension cord, a TV antenna, and a media player. 

Next he taped off the metal in order to prepare it for being spray painted. 

He spray painted it turquoise. 

This is what it looks like set up. 

He cut and painted two small wooden squares to keep the case up. 

Obviously this TV case is for traveling. It can be used for camping or taking to a hotel or anywhere that you may want to watch TV where there isn't one already. This project was simple and inexpensive. 

The TV case looks good as a decorative feature in the music room too. 

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