Thursday, May 28, 2015

DIY Bra Hanger

Today I made this lovely bra holder. It was inexpensive and took minimal time. 

I bought two packs of these suit hangers from Walmart for a little under $4 a pack. 

My significant other used the golden colored wore picture hanger hooks above and screwed them, by hand, into the hanger. 

Then I put them together. This particular brand of hangers had a bit of a curve to them to I hooked the hanger under the other hanger from behind. 

I picked where I wanted the bra holder to go and hung a hook. Usually I use 3M hooks for everything but I was worried it may not be able to hold the weight since the hangers are wood so I opted for the hook above. 

Ta Da!  I LOVE this bra holder. Now my bras aren't lying on my chair in my bedroom and taking up a ton of drawer space. If I could do this again I would use 15 hangers and go almost all the way from the ceiling to the floor. 

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