Sunday, December 28, 2014

DIY Desk

I just rented a house out of state and needed to make one of the rooms an office. I wanted the desk to face the wall and look like a built in. 

I bought cabinets from Lowes. Not kitchen cabinets because I didn't want to have to install the toe kick and I didn't want drawers. Also I wanted the cabinets to not be so deep. I got these in the section at Lowes with closet organizers and shelves. 

My significant other put them together. He's a sweetheart. 

I did purchase an extra drawer kit to go inside the cabinet for about $15. 

The cabinets were placed in front of the outlets so we cut a hole in the cabinet back to access those. I now have my fax machine, router, and printer tucked away in the cabinets. 

The cabinets are ready to become a desk!

We cut plywood to the size of the desk. 

Brackets were used to ensure the top stayed in place. 

I used peel and stick flooring to cover the plywood. Expensive wood look without the cost. And if I mess it up or scratch the top I just peel the piece off and stick another one on. 

Next we used a piece of small trim to cover the front of the plywood. I painted it white. 

I put a hole in the top so that I could run my laptop power cords. 

I bought bar stools from Gordmans to complete the look. 

Contact Paper on Refrigerator

I decided to put contact paper on a refrigerator at a rental house to spruce it up a bit. Then I had some paper left so I did the dish washer and a couple shelves in the refrigerator. 

I bought the contact paper on Amazon. It cost $10.99. Super cheap. Click the link below to see exactly what I bought.

I had to take the handles off the refrigerator. I didn't actually take them off myself. I had my guy do it. He just unscrewed the screws that could be seen then twisted the handles and they came off. Then on the other side there were decals and little covers over the holes that would be used to put the handles on the other side of the refrigerator. We took those off and I covered right over them then put the handles and decals back on after the refrigerator was covered.