Monday, August 13, 2012

Pink Vodka Daiquiri Light

I was introduced to this drink several weeks ago at the campground and since then it has been my drink of choice.  I was told it was named a "Pink Panty Dropper".  Considering I am a bit more modest than most I decided to change the name to reflect the ingredients in it.  Hence the name "Pink Vodka Daiquiri Light".  Or you can just call it a "Pink Panty Dropper".  (I mostly changed the name so my blog title wouldn't have to say Pink Panty Dropper").

Whatever you choose to call it, it is made with the following ingredients:
  • Two shots of Vodka
  • Two containers of frozen pink lemonade concentrate
  • Two cans of Bud Light
  • Two bottles of Strawberry Daiquiri flavored wine coolers
Mix it all together in a regular size pitcher and it makes about 6 drinks.  You can cut the recipe in half to make less.  I have made it for a handful of people and they all doubt it will taste good just based on the ingredients but after they taste it they say it is really good.  Give it a try if you like a sweet drink that doesn't taste like alcohol.  YUMMY!!

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