Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cat Themed Birthday Party

My daughter wanted a cat themed birthday party so here it is.  It was a lot of work but it was fun.  Below are photos with short explanations.

The kids tried to guess how many M&Ms were in the jar and the one who got closest won a small prize.

Each kid got a cat ears headband.  (Click here for the tutorial)

I bought cheap boas at Walmart and cut them into three pieces and used a safety pin to attach them to each kids pants as cat tails.

Each kids received a bottle of bubbles.

Each kid also "adopted" a cat.  I bought the cat stuffed animals and printed out "adoption certificates".  I also bought buckets from Dollar Tree so they could put them in.

I bought initial charms and beads so that each girl could make a cat collar for their new cat stuffed animals.

Each kid took home a Hershey's bar.

I hid these small mouse cat toys around the house and whoever found the most received a small prize.


Just a picture of the decorated craft room where the party was mostly at.

I bought the above streamer that said Happy 1st Birthday so I just printed out a different number and glued it on.



I bought milk cups to serve the drinks in and colorful straws that I attached little flags to.

To see how I made the cake click here.

Cat Shaped Cake

DIY Cat Ears Headband

My daughter had a cat-themed birthday party and I wanted to give each guest cat ears however to buy them on Amazon it was like $4 each.  I wanted something much cheaper so I made the myself.
You need:
  • Headbands (I bought mine at the Dollar Tree in a three pack)
  • Felt (in the colors you want the ears to be)
  • Hot glue gun

First I folded a piece of paper in half and drew the shape of the ears that I wanted.  You can do whatever size you want.  I cut out the shape and unfolded it.  Then I traced it onto the color of felt that I wanted the ear to be. 

After the felt is cut wrap it around the headband. and use hot glue to attach the two sides together.  Do this for both ears.

Next I took a piece of paper and figured out how big I wanted the inner part of the ear.  I traced that onto felt and cut it out.

I then glued the inner part of the ear to the ears.

I used various colors of felt for the ears but I used the light pink felt for the inner pat of all the ears.