Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Dry Erase Calendar

I decided to make a dry erase calendar.  I took an 8x10 picture frame and put a sticky magnet on the back and put a printout of the month I wanted to use for the calendar in the frame.  Use a dry eraser marker to write on the glass of the frame.  It wipes off when you are ready to change the month of the calendar and you can use the magnet to put it on your refrigerator. 

Candle Holder Jars

These are very easy to make.  You can also use round glass bowls like in this previous post (Candy Bowl Holder) or use different decorations like in this post (Christmas Jars). I put sand and seashells in them for the summer time.
You just need a vase, a candle stick holder, and a wooden topper ( I made this one with a circular piece of wood with a decorative topper glued on top and then painted black to match the candle stick holder).

Headband Holder

I made a headband holder from a role of tape, paper towel roll, paper towel holder, and wall paper.

Roll the wall paper around the paper towel roll and then cut it.

Tape the wall paper around the paper towel roll and then fold the two ends like you would the sides of a present and tape it.

Put the covered paper towels on the paper towel stand.

Put the edge of the wall paper towards the back of the paper towel holder so that it is mostly covered.

Cover the tape on top with a big flower or you can do what I did and just clip some hair bows on top.

Put the headbands on.

That's it.  Super easy.  Super cheap.  And super cute!