Tuesday, January 22, 2013

27 Acts of Kindness for My 27th Birthday.

For my 27th birthday I decided to do 27 acts of kindness.  I absoluetly loved it and will be doing this every year for my birthday.  My daughter came with me for most of the acts of kindness so it is her in the pictures.  I also asked my friends and family to do an act of kindness for somebody rather than buy me any birthday gifts.  Here is the list of everything I did.

1.  Donated a basket of supplies to the local woman's shelter.

2.  Took cookies to the police department.

3.  Dropped off cookies and a $50 gift card to the fire department (my husband works right next door to the fire department and one of the fire fighters there attends the same church as us so they got something special).

4.  Donated stuffed animals to a local hospital.

5.  Left a book in the waiting room at the hospital.

6.  Put change on a vending machine at the hospital.

7.  Put a thank you card and $15 Taco Bell gift card in the mailbox for the mailman (we see him often due to all the online shopping we do and the vast number of packages that get delivered to our house).

8.  Left dollar bills taped on the back of toys at the dollar store.

9.  Donated food to the food pantry at church.

10.  Made hot chocolate gifts for the neighbors (they have put up with our constant remodeling and yard work for the past few years so I guess that was my way of regaining their favor).

11.  Bought a $15 gift card at the Walmart check out line and gave it to the guy behind us in line.

12.  Left a $20 tip for the waitress at lunch.

13.  Left a $30 tip for the waitress at dinner.

14.  Bought dinner for four of my friends.

15.  Wrote a letter to a friend (a real letter that actually gets sent through the mail).

16.  Donated clothes to Goodwill.

17.  Let a friend borrow a few pairs of my favorite high heals.

18.  Left change on the washer and dryer at an apartment complex.

19.  Dropped off a popcorn bowl with popcorn and candy in it to Blockbuster and asked them to give it to a family that looks like they could use some cheer.

20.  Left diapers and wet wipes on a changing table in a public restroom.

21.  Gave a friend some old clothes I don't wear anymore.

22.  Gave my son's babysitter a basket of her favorite treats.

23.  Bought a round of drinks for my friends at the bar.

24.  Bought total strangers a round of drinks at the bar.

25.  Bought my daughter a toy of her choosing.

26.  Took Hershey Kisses to my mother-in-law at work.

27.  Took a box of chocolates to my State Farm agent.

I had a blast doing all these nice things for people.  Can't wait to do it again next year!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Candy Cane with Poem

Made these candy canes with poems for the 1st graders at my daughter's school.  So cute.

Mason Jar Cupcake Liner Holder

I love mason jars! I decided to put some of my cupcake liners in a mason jar so they do not get smashed in the drawer.  Perfect!
See other uses for Mason Jars - Candy Holders, Homemade Flavored Water, and Paint Cans

Entry Way Christmas Decorations

Just wanted to share some pics of the Christmas decorations in my entry way.  I love the lanterns with Christmas ornaments in them.  The last pic is some vases that have ornaments in them.  (See the post that shows how I made the vases, however I just changed out the glass vase part so it wasn't a bowl anymore).


Thank You Movie Basket

I wanted to say thank you to a woman who has done so much for me at the campground. She is such a sweet woman and I wanted her to know how much I appreciate her. I made her a movie night basket. The basket was a popcorn bowl and inside the basket was a movie, popcorn, popcorn seasoning, smaller popcorn bowls, two coca cola glasses and candy.